You may have read a Tempurpedic review and wonder if your bed and/or pillow may be causing your lack of sleep. We may count the many times that doctors, bosses, and mothers reminded us to get some sleep. While it may seem a bit of a nag and you know that you ignore it; you are confident in the knowledge that your young body is strong enough to handle the hours that your career or party life demands. And before you argue that sleep is the ultimate sign of weakness. Scientific studies back up the action of sleeping to mental health.

Too much of anything is bad and time wasted for lack of sleep is not something to be applauded. Sleep is essential—this is non-negotiable. It is as essential as food and water. There are two components of sleep: the right amount of sleep and the quality of sleep. “Sleep is a more complex process than most people realize. Good quality sleep is likely to be the result of spending enough time in all of the stages, including deep sleep that makes us feel refreshed.” (Mental Health Foundation UK) Sleep is to rest what exercise is to be fit and in the case of exercise being the source of rest and strength of the body, sleep is rest and strength for the mind. Poor sleep over a period of time can most likely cause acute symptoms such as fatigue, poor concentration, lapses in focus and irritability. The effects left by insomnia, which is the lack of sleep, can affect the quality of our relationships and performances at home and work.

The Harvard Mental Letter, published in 2009, has listed several sleeping disorders that can occur from the elevation of psychological illnesses. In some nations, particularly in America, sleep problems have significant percentage of people who have psychiatric problems. Numbers are consistently stable in patients with anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). If you are suffering from any of these sleep disorders, you may find good Intellibed reviews that may help you reclaim your sleep.

In the meantime, Media and consumerism encourage people to work hard to the point of not sleeping—even the coffee lifestyle seem to promote this; the observation coming from high successful businessmen and celebrities who go over the edge of overachieving to the point of exhaustion. Young people are only happy to follow suit because obsessing or suffering on what needs to be done is a sure way of doing what they want. The reality is that too much hard work leads to overload and quality assurance will be just as low.

Poor sleep is an indication of poor health. Having children with poor sleep in the classroom must be notified because their health, family life, social life, and education will most likely be affected. Enough partying till the wee hours or binge watching Game of Thrones, get your priorities straight and get some sleep. A scientific approach to getting your sleeping pattern back on track is a lifestyle change or in scientific terms, an implementation of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. This means gradually shifting the ways people sleep as conducted by a sleep therapist.

One of the most important aspects of getting good sleep is a good bed. If you need finding the perfect bed that will allow you a good night’s rest, you may want to browse Intellibed reviews. For more articles like these, please visit

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