When I decided to lose weight, I struggled. That’s a fact that not many of us are aware of and perhaps the only time we do realize that it’s indeed a struggle is when we are already in our Day 2 of our weight loss journey. Some don’t even make it that far. Do you know why you’re always failing at every diet and every exercise you try? It’s simply because you didn’t consider the mental side of losing weight. Just like most people don’t think about the mental side about finding a Family dentist in Calgary, it’s just not a normal thing. It’s actually very easy to say you’re going to start losing weight tomorrow or the next day or the day after that but the biggest enemy that’s stopping you from reaching your goal is none other than your mind.

Here are some mental tricks that I used and adopted myself to help me in my weight loss journey.


Imagine You’re Hitting Pause

I know for sure that willpower is not enough to subdue my erratic cravings and in most cases, willpower simply doesn’t work. Obviously, if it were that easy dieting would be a breeze, but it’s not, right? Every time my cravings get the best of me, I imagine myself as a video. While I’m about to reach for that back of chips in the pantry I hit pause, I stop and say to myself, “You don’t need this. Get some water to make you feel full.” And it actually works. As stupid das it may sound, imagining you are pausing yourself did the trick for me. Coral Arvon, PhD, a director of behavioral health and wellness at Pritikin Longevity in Miami has also proven that this trick works. Stop and think and pause before you take action.


Create Alternatives To Unhealthy Food

I love chips and I am a certified chip and dessert slave but when I made my resolve to start losing weight I ditched them. It wasn’t as hard as I thought because I thought of ingenious ways to replace junk food with healthy alternatives. Instead of the usual potato chips I baked zucchini chips peppered with salt and slathered with extra virgin olive oil. Instead of chocolate, I made a smoothie that consisted of kale, frozen raspberries and low fat milk. I did a lot of research and came up with more than a dozen recipes to sustain me and to help me with my cravings.


Take Advantage Of The Apple Trick

If you find yourself standing right in front of your fridge about to grab a snack do the apple trick. The apple trick is when you’re craving but you’re not so sure if you’re hungry, ask yourself if you would like to ha

ve a bite of an apple. If the answer is yes then you really are hungry. A light snack is okay but if the answer is no then instead of grabbing something to eat, drink water instead and you’ll feel full. A lot of people find it hard to control and tame their mind and so some of them resort to Gastric Sleeve Tijuana Mexico. This is a kind of surgical treatment to help you lose weight. There are surgeons who offer treatments at a very affordable price. You can do this as a benchmark so you can start losing weight. Another weight loss option that is gaining popularity today is Raspberry Ketone Max. If you haven’t heard about it, I suggest you read a good raspberry Ketone Max overview and reviews. It’s also another alternative to a safe and effective weight loss.

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